To Floss, or Not to Floss?

Dental Flossing – Beneficial to Good Oral Hygiene?

Despite recent stories from various media outlets and blog sites, including the New York Times, Associated Press and The Guardian, in which they questioned the benefits of using dental floss, stating that there is no clear correlation between dental flossing and good oral hygiene, the American Dental Association (ADA) maintains that frequent use of dental “flossing is effective” in promoting oral health. In addition to the ADA’s claim, other agencies including the US Department of Health and Human Services identify dental flossing as a supporting recommendation similar to brushing your teeth. Advanced Oral Specialty Group | Voorhees Township, New Jersey Our team here at AOSG couldn’t agree more! Dr. Meltzer and his team highly believe that dental flossing is a must. Stay flossy friends! happy couple Good oral hygiene linked to dental flossing, despite recent reports. Dr. Alan Meltzer is an award winning Dental Implant and Periodontics specialist. He is the director of Advanced Oral Specialty Group in Voorhees Township, New Jersey and clinical professor at University of Pennsylvania, in the division of Post Graduate Periodontics. To learn more about Dr. Meltzer, or to request an appointment please contact us online, or at the office (856) 322-8347

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