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Advanced Techniques To Accelerate Your Recovery

With the development of advanced health techniques such as growth factors and tissue regeneration, it is now possible to accelerate your healing after surgery! Our board-certified periodontists provide advanced healing options for treatments like bone grafting to ensure the predictability of the procedure and to help you recover faster. With a better and quicker return to health, you can receive the permanent benefits of dental implants much sooner than with more traditional treatments. This is especially beneficial for patients who need more complex bone grafting procedures, as we can accelerate healing in a predictable manner and with a greater chance of success. If you need bone grafting before dental implants in Voorhees, NJ, our experienced periodontists can help ensure your treatment process is streamlined and effective, with beautiful, long-lasting results!

Our Advanced Healing Techniques

Guided bone regeneration ensures that a bone graft is healing properly without the interference of the soft tissue. Commonly, a membrane is placed over the graft site to keep the new bone and the tissue separate. Since bone heals at a slower rate, the membrane will enable the graft to fuse to the existing bone free from the interference of fast-healing soft tissue. With more predictable and faster healing, patients can receive dental implants much sooner after their bone grafting procedure.

Guided tissue regeneration involves re-growing lost tissue, including the gums and ligaments around the bone and teeth. Using biocompatible membranes, the tissue can be effectively healed and regenerated without interference from other structures at the treatment site. The healthy new tissue can reattach to the teeth without sinking into the bony defects around the base of the tooth.

Periodontal defects such as gingival recession can lead to possible pain, bone deterioration, and eventual tooth loss. Plasma rich growth factors (PGRF) are used to accelerate a person’s natural healing abilities. PRGF techniques isolate the proteins that the body releases to repair injuries. Growth factors promote healing after cleaning and filling of the space around a problematic tooth. Because a PRGF is formed from a patient’s own blood, there are no concerns about diseases being transmitted.

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