Save Your Smile With Tooth Extractions

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Having to get a tooth pulled may sound like an uncomfortable or unhealthy situation, but it can actually be the opposite! Tooth extractions are often recommended to preserve the health of your smile by removing a tooth that is too damaged or decayed to be saved. Most teeth needing extraction are causing severe pain or are fractured beyond repair. In these situations, the risk for the spread of infection or damage to other teeth is high and trying to preserve the tooth is no longer an option. Thankfully, modern tooth extractions with anesthesia are comfortable and safe, and with the decades of experience offered by our board-certified periodontists, are relatively simple procedures that promote quick recoveries. If pain, infection, or trauma necessitates tooth extraction in Voorhees, NJ, we provide safe and effective treatment and the opportunity to replace your removed tooth with a dental implant, the most advantageous and only permanent alternative to natural teeth!

Signs You Need A Tooth Pulled

Permanently Restore Your Smile After Extraction

Tooth extractions are often the bridge between damaged or diseased teeth and a beautiful, healthy smile. By removing a problem tooth, we can restore the health of your smile and ensure you can maintain the proper tooth function long-term with dental implants instead. Dental implants are permanent replacements for natural teeth, built from durable titanium and porcelain, that act, look, and feel like real teeth. Depending on how bad your situation was before, dental implants may feel more natural and healthier than your real teeth ever did! Our periodontists specialize in dental implants, having placed thousands throughout our education, training, and clinical experience. Using advanced technologies and dynamic surgery, we place dental implants strategically in your jaw to ensure they function and look beautiful long-term. Don’t let the pain of a problem tooth or your apprehension about having a tooth pulled keep you from enjoying a healthy, comfortable life with dental implants! See how we can improve your health and your life by making an appointment with our Voorhees, NJ periodontists today.

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Let Us Save Your Smile With Tooth Extractions!