Wael Isleem, D.M.D., M.S.

Meet Dr. Wael Isleem

Dr. Wael Isleem received his DDS degree from the University of Aleppo, Faculty of Dentistry in 2011. Later Dr. Isleem completed his dental education at the University of Pennsylvania where he earned his DMD with clinical honors. Dr. Isleem then continued his post graduate residency training at University of Pennsylvania where he earned his Certificate of Periodontology, Periodontal Prosthesis and A Master of Science in Oral Biology.

Embracing dentistry as an exquisite fusion of art and science, Dr. Isleem approaches his dual specialist role with a personalized touch. His ultimate goal is to provide patients with comprehensive care, all in the pursuit of enhancing their quality of life. The realm of digital dental technology ignites his passion, offering a path toward progressive and streamlined outcomes. What truly captivates him is the realm of multidisciplinary solutions for intricate dental issues, where he seamlessly blends his expertise with digital tools to craft stunning dental implant and esthetic designs. During his postgraduate journey, he contributed to refining digital workflows that guarantee precision and ensure a painless, comfortable experience from beginning to end. A true standout is Dr. Isleem's prowess in Digital Facial Driven Full Mouth Reconstructions, a realm where he harmonizes facial and dental aesthetics, culminating in optimal results even in the most intricate cases. Dr. Isleem is recognized as a specialist in fixed prosthetics giving him a high level of expertise and specialized training in the field of restorative dentistry, specifically focusing on fixed dental prostheses. In his free time, Dr. Isleem resides in Philadelphis with his wife and son. With a passion for photography, he captures the beauty of his community.

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