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Dental Implant Complications & How To Avoid Them

Is Something Wrong With Your Dental Implant?

When it comes to problems with dental implants, there are a few main types of issues to be aware of, including peri-implantitis, which our periodontal experts can recognize, diagnose, and treat for you. Even with complicated issues and varying degrees of severity present in the issues, you can trust our team to fix your dental implant complications. Whether these complications were caused by inexperienced dentists improperly treating the implants or simply by the standard biological wear-and-tear normal to which even natural teeth are exposed, anyone with implant complications will need to take action to ensure good oral health and a long life for the implant. Our experienced and board-certified periodontists, Dr. Alan Meltzer and Dr. Wael Isleem, are here to take care of any complications that may have arisen since you had them placed.

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Types Of Dental Implant Problems

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Cosmetic or function issues with the implant itself


Bone problems around the implant grafting site


Gum tissue complications (peri-implantitis)

Maintaining Implant Health After Treatment

It is critical for our patients with dental implants to make regular appointments for annual checkups and examinations that frequently include x-rays and professional cleaning. While implants will never decay or need root canal treatment, it is of paramount importance that the health of the surrounding gum tissue is maintained. Any problems or signs of any changes in your oral status need to be addressed as soon as possible in order to avoid any possible loss of the implant’s attachment to the bone. Our staff will provide you with the necessary tools and training so that you can maintain your new smile for many years.

Ensuring Dental Implants Are Right The First Time

The Advanced Oral Specialty Group uses the appropriate instruments for the task of not only placing but also maintaining our patients’ implants. Utilizing such technologies as advanced CBCT imaging and dynamic navigation for implant surgery, our periodontists consistently provide treatment that is effective, predictable, and long-lasting. Even if you’ve been living with dental implant complications, you’re not without hope. Our team is specialized in treating these issues and even “redoing” implant placement to ensure you are receiving the best long-term benefits afforded by dental implants. After the initial placement, we help all our patients develop a long-term plan for caring for their implants at home as well as creating a schedule for regular dental care. Don’t let dental implant problems keep you from living a confident and functional life. We’re here to help restore your health and smile with personalized treatment for dental implant complications.

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