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Gum Disease Treatment Without Invasive Surgery

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Choose Safe, Pain-Free Laser Periodontics

Many services and treatments, like frenectomies or crown lengthening, once needing invasive surgical methods can now be completed in-office using safe, pain-free dental lasers. Our laser periodontics in Voorhees, NJ eliminates the anxiety, discomfort, and post-operative risk associated with traditional treatment and instead give you a comfortable, safe experience! With specialized care from our board-certified periodontists and graduates of the prestigious dental school at UPenn, you can return to optimal oral health and function, all while minimizing your discomfort during and after treatment.

The Benefits Of Laser Dentistry

Our Comprehensive Laser Periodontal Services

The tissues that connect the upper lip and the tongue to the mouth is sometimes too restrictive to allow for normal movement needed for breastfeeding, swallowing, and speaking. In a quick and painless procedure, we reduce or remove this tissue with our dental laser. A laser frenectomy is safe and comfortable, a great benefit for younger patients and those needing to return immediately to work or other activities.

Gum disease that infects the tissues causes them to pull away from the teeth, leaving pockets that harbor bacteria. Our laser periodontal pocket elimination painlessly eliminates the presence of bacteria and reduces inflammation to support healing of the gum tissue. Laser therapy for gum disease also promotes the regeneration of new hard and soft tissue and sterilizes the treatment site to accelerate healthier healing.

Irregularities in color and texture of the soft tissue in the mouth can mean disease or cancer is present. We use our dental laser light to assess cell changes in the tissue and to perform a biopsy if a suspicious lesion or area of tissue is present. Early detection of these soft tissue irregularities greatly improves the precision and outcomes of treatment.

A dental implant ready for attachment of the restoration must first be uncovered by removing the soft tissue that has healed over the post. We use our dental laser to gently vaporize the gum tissue to expose the implant and prepare the site for impressions and restoration attachment. Our laser eliminates the need for cutting the gum tissue with a scalpel, reducing the risk for postoperative complications and infection.

Soft tissue conditions like a “gummy” smile often are aesthetic concerns for patients. We use our dental laser to painlessly eliminate excess gum tissue and reshape a more symmetrical and even gum line. An improved tooth-to-gum ratio creates a more attractive smile and removal of extra gum tissue reduces the risk for cavities and disease.

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