Your Health And Confidence Is Our Goal

The Advanced Oral Specialty Group Philosophy

Over the decades, we have developed a patient philosophy that now directs all that we do. With integrity and dedication, we provide care based on the unique needs of our patients, developing customized treatment plans that restore you to optimal health and confidence. Whether you’re suffering from a painful mouth, many missing teeth, or simply need the expertise of a periodontist in Voorhees, NJ, we are here to provide you with the superior care and outstanding results you deserve.

What Makes Us Different

Our First Mantra

Requirements: the result looks good, functions correctly, is maintainable over time, and completed within the patient’s budget. Our treatments are outcome-driven, meaning we determine which procedures will lead to the results you desire and provide the greatest long-term benefits. Second, the results of your treatment must function properly and give you the ability to eat comfortably with teeth that are stable and healthy (whether they are your natural teeth or dental implants). Our treatment outcomes must also maintain their function and aesthetics long-term. With the skill of our team and the priority we place on follow-up care, we have seen patients with teeth that are still functioning beautifully over two decades after their treatment! Finally, we believe that all our treatments should be affordable for each patient. Our financing options and the integrity of our doctors and staff, we consistently provide care that fits within our patients’ budgets.

Our Second Mantra

We view our treatment processes as if we were travel agents and our patients were the travelers. Your initial diagnosis, or where you are leaving from, can be characterized by pain, poor oral health, and self-consciousness. It may be difficult and overwhelming to know the best path to take to a destination of optimal health. Our experienced team, taking on the role of travel agents, assess your current situation and present you with many ways (personalized treatment plans) to reach your destination. With our expertise, we are here to direct you toward treatments that get you where you want to be as efficiently, predictably, and fast as possible. Filling in all the pieces with custom treatments based on your needs and goals, we can expertly transition you from where you are to your desired destination—restored health, confidence, and quality of life!

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