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Emergency Dentistry: We Provide Urgent Dental Solutions

Emergency Dental Care In Voorhees, NJ

When you find yourself in an unexpected dental emergency, trust the board-certified periodontists dedicated to your health and comfort! If you have a severe toothache, had a tooth knocked out, or are suffering from oral trauma, including soft tissue lacerations, contact our emergency dentist in Voorhees now at +1-856-880-7558 to schedule your appointment. With expertise in periodontics and dental implants, we can restore your natural smile or provide you with a beautiful new one that functions just like the real thing.

We leave room in our schedule to ensure our patients receive the care needed to restore their health after an emergency. We are here to help you, too! Don’t hesitate to make your appointment with our periodontists if you or a loved one is experiencing a dental emergency.

Note: If you or a loved one has suffered from a severe accident to the head, seek immediate medical care or go to the nearest emergency room. Injuries involving the face, head, and neck must be evaluated by a medical professional. If damage to your teeth or soft tissues has also occurred, we are here to provide restorative treatment after clearance from a medical doctor.

Emergency Dental Treatments

Quality Care From A Qualified Team

With decades of dental experience, our periodontists are well-equipped to provide emergency dentistry services for you and your family. Our periodontists are highly trained and skilled in restorative treatments, dental implants, and periodontal plastic surgery. Taking from a specialized background of education and hundreds of hours of continuing education training, our doctors have the expertise to restore your health and function, giving you a smile you are proud to call your own. In addition, our minimally invasive solutions and anesthesia options help turn anxiety-ridden situations into comfortable appointments personalized to get you back to optimal health. Dental emergencies can be painful and stressful, so don’t wait to seek the care of our qualified periodontists!

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