Can I Get A New Smile In One Day With Tooth Implants In Voorhees Township, NJ?

a 3D image od dental implants in Voorhees, Township, NJ.

For those who have one or more missing teeth, they will want to restore the look and function of their smile as soon as possible. Luckily, people with missing teeth can have a new smile in one day with tooth implants in Voorhees Township, NJ. With trusted tooth implants, a patient’s oral performance and appearance can be restored in as little as one appointment. Continue reading to learn how people can get a brand-new smile in one day with tooth implants.

How Do I Get A New Smile In One Day With Tooth Implants In Voorhees Township, NJ?

The New Smile Today process, for a new smile in one day with tooth implants, begins with a consultation with a board-certified periodontist who will place the patient’s tooth implants. The periodontist will evaluate the patient’s oral situation and plan out how their personalized tooth implant procedure will look like.


For instance, when people are missing a few teeth or have just a few failing teeth throughout their mouth, the periodontist may suggest that the patient invests in single dental implants for each missing tooth. On the other hand, when people need to replace a full arch of missing teeth, they will want to get treated with full mouth dental implants.


After the patient’s consultation for a New Smile Today tooth implant procedure, the periodontist can prepare for the patient’s tooth implant surgery. In the days leading up to the tooth implant surgery, a surgical guide will be created specifically for each patient’s specific smile. The 3D guide will ensure that all of the tooth implants are placed in exactly the right location in the patient’s jawbone to give them the predictable and lasting results they deserve.


During the tooth implant surgery, the patient will be given sedation dentistry so that they are comfortable and anxiety-free during it. The periodontist will then place all the tooth implants that the patient needs in their jawbone. As soon as the tooth implants are securely placed, the temporary prosthesis will be attached to them, giving the patient a new functional and beautiful smile in one day.


In a few months, the patient will return so the periodontist can replace their temporary prosthesis with a custom-made final one.  With New Smile Today, patients get the exact new smile they need and deserve.

How Do I Benefit From A New Smile In One Day With Tooth Implants?

There are many upsides to getting treated with New Smile Today. When patients get a new smile in one day with tooth implants, their smile can benefit from it in the following ways:

Increases Smile Confidence:

When patients get a new smile in one day with tooth implants, their restored smile will help them reclaim their confidence, especially in social situations. With tooth implants, patients will never have to worry about how their smile looks again.

Gives A More Comfortable Smile:

Many people with failing and missing teeth experience oral discomfort. This problem will vanish when people get a comfortable new smile in one day with tooth implants.

Improves Jawbone Health:

People’s jawbones are susceptible to weakening and deterioration after they lose a tooth or have a tooth extracted. Tooth implants don’t just give patients a new smile in one day, they can also stop the process of jawbone loss, giving the patient a stronger and healthier jawbone.

Dental Functionality Is Restored:

Tooth implants are designed to be able to restore nearly all the natural biting and chewing forces in a patient’s mouth. This means that with New Smile Today, patients won’t have to restrict their diet.

Improves Ability To Taste:

When wearing traditional dentures in the upper arch, people will struggle to be able to taste their food. This is because traditional dentures cover the roof of the patient’s mouth, making it hard for them to taste everything. By getting a new smile in one day with tooth implants, the temporary prosthesis will be lightweight and will only rest on the patient’s gums. The temporary prosthesis will let patients taste everything.

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