Gum Disease: Take Precautions

periodontal disease

Gum Disease: Take Precautions

When patients hear their dentists utter the word, ‘gingivitis’, they tend to not take it seriously. It is not uncommon for people to brush off nearing gingivitis, because many do not realize how serious it can be. In short, gingivitis is gum disease. Gum disease can turn into a much bigger issue, periodontitis, which can bring up many issues in the body. Here are some of the issues you can face when you do not take proper precautions or care when you are suffering from gum disease.

Gum Recession

Gum recession begins when gum disease worsens, but can happen without the trigger. Gum recession is when your gum line begins to lessen over time, creating an unstable surrounding for your teeth. Gum recession can be treated by periodontal surgery, otherwise known as gum grafting.


Many people do not realize gum health can affect overall body health. Diabetes is one of the things that may begin because of the way the disease can enter the blood stream. If you have diabetes or think you may develop diabetes, you should seek dental attention.

Heart disease

Heart disease is another major health issue that can be brought upon by gum disease. Gum disease and heart disease are greatly connected and overlooked. At the first signs of gum disease, you should contact your dentist.

Losing teeth/jaw bone mass

Because of gum recession, losing teeth and jaw bone density may become an issue. Without the soft tissue structure, you risk having your teeth become loose, and eventually failing.

Signs and symptoms of gum disease to be aware of include:

Bleeding gums

Swollen/red gums

Tender to brushing/flossing


Contact your dentist if you believe you could be a candidate for gingivitis, or if that is a term you have heard used to describe the state of your oral health. It is better to take precautionary measures, as gum disease in the early stages is curable and preventable.

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