Do You Need Periodontal Plastic Surgery?


Do You Need Periodontal Plastic Surgery?

If you have a gummy smile, receding gums, or other concerns, you may be an ideal candidate for periodontal plastic surgery. At Advanced Oral Specialty Group in Voorhees, NJ, board-certified periodontists Dr. Alan Meltzer and Dr. Mina Ebrahimi have helped many patients with personalized, state-of-the-art solutions that restore harmony and aesthetics to smiles and improve confidence!

Receding gums can be caused by gum disease, aggressive tooth brushing, poor oral hygiene, smoking/tobacco use, hormonal changes, tooth grinding, or genetics. This can result in the appearance of long teeth, as well as exposed roots that cause sensitivity to hot or cold foods. The most common cause of a “gummy smile” is teeth that appear short because they erupted improperly and remain partially covered by gum tissue. We offer an array of periodontal plastic surgery solutions to ensure you receive the care you need in one office and from one experienced team.

Soft Tissue Treatments in Voorhees, NJ

Our skilled periodontists are not only specialized in treating soft tissue periodontal treatments, they also offer the most cutting-edge solutions used today. The high-tech KaVo dental laser is an innovative, minimally invasive alternative to traditional periodontal plastic surgery that delivers a host of benefits, including:

• No scalpels or incisions
• Minimal pain, swelling, and bleeding
• Immediate return to daily activities
• No frightening noises or smells

Gummy Smile Treatment: Our dental laser is used to painlessly eliminate excess gum tissue and reshape a more symmetrical and even gum line. The improved tooth-to-gum ratio creates a more attractive smile, while removal of extra gum tissue reduces the risk of cavities and disease.

Gum Recession Treatment: Pinhole Surgical Technique (PST™) is a minimally invasive alternative to traditional gum grafting for receding gums without scalpels, incisions, or sutures. This approach improves comfort during the procedure, accelerates recovery, and typically produces natural-looking, long-term results!

Crown Lengthening: During this procedure, our laser is used to remove gum tissue around the tooth crown to expose more of the natural tooth and gain access to areas requiring restoration. This treatment may require modifications to soft tissue as well as the hard tissue underneath depending on your unique needs.

Gum Bleaching: Also called gingival depigmentation, this quick, painless, and long-lasting cosmetic dental treatment is reserved for otherwise healthy gums. A laser is used to remove outer layers of discolored, dark gum tissue to reveal prettier pink tissue underneath.

If you have a gummy smile, receding gums, or other soft tissue concerns, it’s important to select a top-rated periodontal practice with proven expertise.

Call (856) 246-5029 to schedule a consultation with one of the acclaimed periodontists at Advanced Oral Specialty Group and reveal the balanced, healthy smile you want.

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