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Many clinicians place dental implants free-hand – but not us. One of the greatest benefits of adding Navident technology into our practice is how significant the increase in treatment predictability and surgical accuracy is. Navident is a dynamic navigation technology that removes virtually all guesswork from implant surgery. With our decades of surgical expertise as board-certified periodontists, the use of this technology only enhances the quality of our treatments and the long-term success of your surgery. Thanks to this state-of-the-art care we provide, our patients seeking dental implants in Voorhees, NJ consistently experience comfortable, efficient treatment with outstanding long-term results!

How You Benefit From Guided Surgery

The Basics Of Dynamic Guided Surgery

Navident is a computer-aided planning and digital surgery technology quickly becoming the gold standard in dental implant treatments. Using our CBCT scanning technology with implant-specialized software, we can plan your implant placement and fabricate a bridge before the surgery is even performed. Because of this precise planning and the dynamic navigation used during surgery, implants fit precisely with a high degree of stability into the prepared site. And, because of the high stability of each implant, it is feasible to place a non-removable dental crown or bridge directly on the implants. This process gives you immediate function of your dental implants, less pain, a shorter post-operative recovery period, and a highly aesthetic and functional result!

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Ensuring Successful, Predictable Treatment

Guided by our philosophy of integrity and dedication to superior patient care, we constantly strive to provide services and technologies that ensure a successful and predictable treatment. As board-certified periodontists, our training and education is a testament to our dedication to your care and we continue to hone our skills and training through continued education and teaching positions. As a result, we are considered leaders in advanced dental surgical care in the Voorhees, NJ area and beyond. If you’re struggling with pain, self-consciousness, or poor quality of life as a result of missing teeth, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with us. Our team is here to provide you with outstanding dental implant treatment that returns you to a life of confidence, health, and function!

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