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Your smile plays an essential role in your confidence, health, and appearance. When complications like gum disease or tooth loss threaten your wellbeing, advanced training and personalized solutions need to be your top concern. We offer both!

Our board-certified periodontists, Dr. Alan Meltzer and Dr. Wael Isleem, have decades of world-renowned experience; developed from a wealth of proven techniques, advanced technologies, and specialized training. Advanced Oral Specialty Group offers among the most innovative periodontal (gum disease treatment) and dental implant care in New Jersey!

You don’t have to suffer from failing teeth or a painful, diseased mouth. Our specialists are here to transition you into an exceptional quality of life with minimally invasive, pain-free treatment. 

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Receive a brand-new smile in one day at our practice, with full treatment for replacement of a single tooth or an entire mouth. Without leaving our location, you can go from painful, failing, or missing teeth to a new tooth or set of teeth that function, look, and feel natural. Transform your health, confidence, and life with New Smile Today, our custom and streamlined protocol to replace your teeth without the wait!
Don’t let peri-implantitis and other complications destroy your dental implants and smile. Whether your dental implants were improperly placed at another practice or circumstances have caused disease to damage the health of your mouth, you can receive treatment to save your investment. If you need implants removed and replaced, trust the experts in dental implant surgery to restore health and function to your smile!
Periodontal infection also increases the risk of stroke, heart disease, diabetes, pregnancy complications, and other serious systemic diseases. This link between periodontal and systemic disease has been well documented in medical and dental literature. Saving the health of your teeth, gums, and bone can actually save the health of your entire body.
Traditional dentures rely on a patient’s gum ridge for support. In many cases the patient needs adhesives to prevent the dentures from moving or slipping. Implant supported dentures, however, are secured with dental implants and are the economic alternative to stabilize dentures far beyond the capability of adhesive.

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Selecting Dental Implant Specialists:

Dental implants stand out as the most attractive and long-lasting choice for addressing tooth loss, excelling in both aesthetics and durability. They not only reinstate the patient's capacity to enjoy their preferred foods but also help achieve unhindered speech, setting them apart from conventional dentures. The success of a dental implant operation hinges significantly upon the expertise, education, and proficiency of the dental practitioner involved.

Dr. Meltzer, periodontist in South Jersey, with Dr. Wael Isleem at their South Jersey Periodontics and Implants Dentistry, Advanced oral Specialty Group.

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